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Crypto Analyst’s Bullish Forecast: Ethereum and XRP Set to Surge

Crypto Analyst’s Bullish Forecast: Ethereum and XRP Set to Surge

A well-known cryptocurrency analyst on X (formerly Twitter) who goes by CrediBull Crypto has revealed optimistic predictions for XRP and Ethereum. Reiterating his earlier forecast for XRP’s price, the analyst has confirmed that the cryptocurrency is expected to surpass both Bitcoin and Ethereum during the forthcoming 2024 bull run.

Ethereum Is About To Reach New Peaks

CrediBull Crypto revealed details about the next cryptocurrency to take off after Bitcoin in a recent X article. After Bitcoin reached its prior all-time highs of almost $71,000, the expert predicted that Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, would experience a significant surge next.

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The analyst claims that a lot of cryptocurrency fans and investors are already looking forward to a possible positive breakout in Ethereum’s price. He revealed that most people in the cryptocurrency community have similar expectations for Ethereum’s price to stabilize at the $3,600–$3,700 area.

The expert expressed optimism about Ethereum’s price prospects, stating that a rise to over 25% was well within reach prior to any significant decline. He provided a chart showing the recent price swings of Ethereum, emphasizing the cryptocurrency’s seeming will to take a significant positive stance.

The expert noted that Ethereum “wants new all-time highs,” highlighting the cryptocurrency’s passionate desire to soar to previously unheard-of heights. Ethereum has strong fundamentals that support this bullish outlook, and its recent price performance has added support.

The current value of the entire cryptocurrency market is $2.4 trillion.
The current value of the entire cryptocurrency market is $2.4 trillion. Visual Aid: TradingView

Crypto Analyst Is Still Upbeat About XRP

CrediBull Crypto revealed his price expectations for XRP in another X post, reiterating his earlier prediction from February 2024 that the price of XRP may rise by 200% over Bitcoin. In “the coming days or weeks,” the analyst predicted, XRP might surpass both Bitcoin and Ethereum in performance.

In a recent post, the analyst verified that technical indications were in line with his optimistic forecasts, which could indicate that his earlier estimate of the price of XRP was validated. The projected window of outperformance that he had stated in his initial prognosis was, he stressed, “right around the corner.”

This time, the cryptocurrency analyst has revealed a daring goal: a 250% gain over Bitcoin. CrediBull Crypto is adamantly optimistic that Ethereum will reach new heights, as evidenced by his calculated decision to increase the amount of XRP he owns in his portfolio.

As of this writing, XRP is trading at $0.639 on CoinMarketCap, showing a weekly increase of 1.78%. In the impending bull market, the cryptocurrency has been progressively emerging from bearish patterns, breaking through significant price resistance levels at $0.5, and now displaying indications of a possible bullish rebound.

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