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Chainlink Surpasses ADA in Dev; Price Rally to $25 Expected?

Chainlink Surpasses ADA in Dev; Price Rally to $25 Expected?

According to Santiment’s most recent study, Chainlink has surpassed long-standing champion Cardano in its extraordinary ascent to the top of the blockchain developer activity rankings.
This change impacts the blockchain leaderboard since previous leaders like Polkadot and Kusama are declining.
Potential price fluctuations for Chainlink (LINK) can be found through market analysis, providing strategic buy and sell points in a shifting market.

Recent data from Santiment have revealed a dramatic change in the blockchain ecosystem as Chainlink overthrows Cardano as the leading developer activity. With this historic accomplishment, Chainlink has reached a new level of success and has risen to the top of the blockchain ecosystem.

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Chainlink leading the market
Even after losing its position at the top, Cardano continues to have a very high developer involvement rate, consistently submitting 400–500 submissions per month. This resiliency demonstrates Cardano’s lasting attraction to the development community and emphasizes its ability to withstand obstacles from competitors.

Effect on the Blockchain Leaderboard

There has been a noticeable reorganization of the blockchain leaderboard due to Chainlink’s rise to the top of the developer activity rankings. As a result, vibrant newcomers like Status and Optimism have been able to take their places at the table, replacing former mainstays like Polkadot and Kusama.

This new paradigm highlights the dynamic nature of the blockchain world, where participation and innovation are the key success factors. The spirit of competition that drives blockchain development encourages companies to constantly push the envelope and redefine industry standards in their never-ending quest for excellence.


Chainlink (LINK) Price and Outlook Analysis

In addition to developer activity, Chainlink’s (LINK) price fluctuation provides important information about the company’s future direction in the market. According to an analysis, a horizontal channel pattern is present, giving traders critical buy and sell opportunities to help them handle market swings. As of the analysis, Chainlink’s price is trading at $18.51, with resistance levels at $19.135, $20.903, and maybe $25.196 shortly.

Investors should be cautious, though, as a reversal in the pattern might trigger a decline in Chainlink’s price; a crucial signal in this regard is the $17.575 support level. The current live price of Chainlink (LINK) in the market is $18.3876, and the 24-hour trading volume of the cryptocurrency is $500 million. After falling -0.37% during the previous day, LINK trades between $18.4517 and $17.9485. Moreover, the current market capitalization of Chainlink (LINK) is $10 billion.

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