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Catwifhat Price Drops: Sell or HODL? Expert Advice Revealed

Catwifhat Price Drops: Sell or HODL? Expert Advice Revealed

Catwifhat, a cat meme coin, is the direct competitor of another popular Solana-based meme coin, dogwifhat. This is because, similar to Dogwifhat’s early trading days, the cat meme coin has experienced constant growth since its introduction. Due to its deflationary nature and the release of CWIF tokens to 1,300,000 holders, Catwifhat attracted investors’ interest. 

The price of catfight has increased by more than 180% in the past month, peaking on March 7th at $0.0000000090149. Nevertheless, following a week-long surge, the price began to fall.

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Let’s talk about the current state of the Catwifhat price in this blog.

Catwifhat Price Analysis

The price of catfights has steadily risen for weeks, sustaining a 95% increase over the previous week. But in the past day, there has been a 10% decrease, resulting in a value reduction to $0.0000007235. Similarly, its market capitalization has decreased by 10.85% to $26,114,902 now. However, the trading volume is relatively neutral, with no major gains or losses, and is currently at $5,363,485. 

The Catwifhat price spike previously occurred due to multiple services, including CoinmarketCap, recognizing this cat parody coin. It created a community and raised Catwifhat’s profile among investors.

Days like today remind you no one is doing it like the cat that burns 🐈‍⬛🔥

Thanks @CoinMarketCap@coingecko@solanafm@solscanofficial, and @birdeye_so for being $CWIF‘s biggest supporters with recent Circulating Supply & Market Cap verifications 🥰 (trending on @birdeye_sopic.twitter.com/PTPqdPac7F

— catwifhat $CWIF (@catwifhatsolana) May 12, 2024

Catwifhat price has been moving in extended higher highs and higher lows till lately, which was thought to indicate the short uptrend. Earlier today, the meme coin started declining since it could no longer rise. Catwifhat’s price fell significantly due to the cryptocurrency market’s lousy performance and the increased volatility brought on by its most recent airdrop. If the trend continues, the Catwifhat price might decline to a low of $0.0000005024 in the upcoming days. But if the market picks up steam and begins to rise, the cost can go as high as $0.0000010.

Last Words

As a meme coin with a Solana foundation, Catwifhat has already attracted much investor interest. Because meme coins like dogwifhat, BONK, and many others have set the example, many new meme coins are being introduced on the Solana network. As a result of its ongoing price increases, Catwifhat is now one of those profitable meme coins. It is necessary to observe the next move of the Catwifhat price on the charts, mainly if the cryptocurrency market bounces back by the end of the month.

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