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Cardano CEO: Trump Outweighs Biden in Crypto Support

Cardano CEO: Trump Outweighs Biden in Crypto Support

In a recent statement, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano (ADA), expressed his concerns about the upcoming presidential elections. He made these comments in response to a study by Blockworks, a cryptocurrency news source. Hoskinson suggested that the cryptocurrency market could be affected by the election outcome. This reaction stemmed from the study’s implication that voting solely on cryptocurrency issues would be foolish.

Hoskinson Opposes Blockworks’ Remark

The creator of Cardano also underlined how crucial cryptocurrency is to creating a new social compact that makes businesses and governments responsible to the people. He stated, “Crypto gives us our voices, financial freedom, and shared humanity back. It is perilous for politicians to try to take that away from us.

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Expressing his view as a ‘single-issue voter,’ Hoskinson underscored the significance of a presidential candidate’s stance on Crypto. He stated that being anti-crypto amounts to the deepest kind of authoritarianism. “Being anti-crypto is the deepest and worst totalitarianism possible,” stressed the founder of Cardano. It strips us of our economic identity, personal agency, and liberties.

Furthermore, Hoskinson warned against the potential implications of disregarding the crypto industry’s interests in the electoral process. He issued a warning, saying that not endorsing candidates who prioritize cryptocurrency highly could result in the introduction of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), heightened financial surveillance, and restricted social mobility.

In addition, he clarified that he isn’t endorsing Biden as some people in the community believe. “I’m on the left and understand that the 20 percent of Americans that own cryptocurrency are pretty pissed that Biden caused massive harm to our entire industry arbitrarily and capriciously,” the pioneer of Cardano wrote in an email.

The Founder of Cardano Says Trump Is Superior to Biden

In response to questions about why he was reluctant to bring up the other candidate—Donald Trump—Hoskinson went straight to the point. Saying, “Trump? No, I’m not hesitant to bring him up. He presented Trump as an “average” president who, by allowing the cryptocurrency sector to flourish and innovate, mainly unhindered.

“He was an average president and mostly left our industry alone, giving us the ability to build the world’s future in peace,” Cardano’s Hoskinson noted. Conversely, Hoskinson took issue with President Joe Biden’s strategy on the cryptocurrency sector.

He further charged him with deliberately attempting to obstruct the sector’s expansion. “Biden has served Well’s notices to everyone and their uncle and is actively trying to destroy the American crypto industry, the speaker bemoaned Biden’s activities.

The Cardano pioneer noted, “Our industry isn’t about building arbitrary products or debating taxes and regulations. This reflects the recent enforcement action taken by the Biden administration and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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