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BlackRock Joins Tokenization: Securitize Partnership

BlackRock Joins Tokenization: Securitize Partnership

BlackRock has hopped on the Tokenization trend. 

The company formed a partnership with Securitize to launch its inaugural product. 

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This development follows the company’s recent achievement with the successful Bitcoin ETF. 

According to a recent filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), BlackRock, the issuer of spot Bitcoin ETF, has introduced a fund that tokenizes assets. 

The BlackRock Tokenization Fund is a highly sought-after investment opportunity gaining significant attention in the financial world. It offers a unique and innovative approach to investing, providing investors with the potential for substantial returns. With its expert team of financial professionals and cutting-edge strategies, the fund aims to deliver exceptional performance and capitalize on emerging trends in the market. Investors who are looking 

The new fund, the USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund, is a private equity offering developed in partnership with Securitize, a leading financial service provider. This is another strategy for BlackRock to expand its crypto presence following its spot Bitcoin ETFs launch in January. 

According to the Form-D, or notice of exempt securities offerings submitted to the U.S. SEC last Thursday, BlackRock mentioned that their USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund would have a minimum investment requirement of $100,000 for external investors. According to the filing, the projected sales commission for the fund amounts to $525,000. BlackRock enters tokenization scene with Securitize sans finder’s fee. Its USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund, registered in the BVI, awaits launch announcement. The fund received an initial investment of $100 million in USDC stablecoin, pegged to the U.S. dollar, and was facilitated through the Ethereum network. 

BlackRock: Leaving a Lasting Impression Within the Blockchain Ecosystem 

BlackRock, a traditional finance company, significantly impacted the digital asset ecosystem upon entry, altering liquidity. Within three months of U.S. regulator approval, BlackRock and Fidelity Investments emerged as Bitcoin ETF market leaders.

So far, the trading volume for the spot Bitcoin ETF has exceeded $100 billion. 

The Asset Under Management (AUM) exceeded $15 billion after listing the Bitcoin ETF product. BlackRock is eagerly anticipating the decision of the U.S. securities agency regarding its spot Ethereum ETF. This new offering could solidify the asset manager’s presence in the crypto space. 

CEO Larry Fink’s prior statement on ETH ETFs suggests BlackRock’s move towards tokenized asset funds isn’t surprising. It aligns with a broader trend he highlighted towards tokenization. The recent development of the BlackRock tokenized asset fund indicates a positive trend in the tokenization ecosystem. Traditional financial firms are increasingly showing a keen interest in tokenized real-world assets.

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