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Bitfinex & El Salvador: Crypto Law Model & $6.25M Venture

Bitfinex & El Salvador: Crypto Law Model & $6.25M Venture

The parent company of Bitfinex, iFinex, recently revealed a groundbreaking collaboration with the Salvadoran government to influence the nation’s cryptocurrency regulations. Furthermore, Bitfinex Securities has launched a token bond project with a $6.25 million fundraising goal for building a new Hilton Hampton hotel at the El Salvador International Airport.

El Salvador and iFinex are working together to open the door for digital financial instruments

The collaboration between the government of El Salvador and iFinex signifies a pivotal moment in crafting a robust regulatory framework. iFinex’s expertise positions it well to advise on regulatory matters and facilitate digital asset issuance and trading. Moreover, the launch of the groundbreaking “Volcano Bond,” backed by Bitcoin, showcases the innovative approach adopted by both parties. Paolo Ardoino, Bitfinex Securities’ Chief Technology Officer, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership. He emphasized its potential to introduce new avenues for share tokenization and capital mobilization. President Nayib Bukele echoed this sentiment, envisioning the partnership as a driver for positioning El Salvador as a global financial hub.

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Bitfinex Securities Launches Token Bond Initiative for Hilton Hotel Development

Top securities trading platform Bitfinex Securities has started a historic token bond issuance initiative to fund the building of a Hampton by Hilton hotel at El Salvador International Airport. With its license under the Digital Asset Securities Act of El Salvador, Bitfinex Securities El Salvador is launching its first project with this effort. The project, which aims to boost job development and economic growth in the area, includes a five-story building with 80 rooms, commercial spaces, and facilities.

Detailed information surrounding the fundraising phase, including a mobilization objective of $6.25 million, an interest rate of 10% per annum, and a minimum investment of $1,000, highlights the project’s investment potential. Project participants will receive special incentives like free hotel stays depending on the size of their investment.

Bitfinex Securities representatives Paolo Ardoino and Jesse Knutson expressed their delight in leveraging this game-changing initiative for El Salvador’s development. Furthermore, Roberto Laguardia, president of Inversiones Laguardia, lauded the project’s potential to stimulate tourism development. He also highlighted its alignment with El Salvador’s economic objectives. Additionally, with more projects slated for the near future, Bitfinex is persisting in its successful ventures into tokenized asset offerings. As a result, the issuance of HILSV token bonds marks another milestone in Bitfinex’s trajectory.

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