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Binance Supports PEPE, WIF, ENA, WLD & More

Binance Supports PEPE, WIF, ENA, WLD & More

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it would be adding more support for cryptocurrencies, including Pepe Coin, dogwifhat (WIF), and Worldcoin (WLD). This statement has generated criticism. The cryptocurrency community responded favourably to this decision, and there have been many conjectures regarding possible effects on the pricing of these digital assets.

Binance Expands Support For WIF, WLD, Pepe Coin, & More

Binance has launched an alluring taker fee promotion for spot and margin trading pairs to support altcoin trading. Starting on May 21, 2024, users will be able to take advantage of lower taker fees on a variety of altcoin pairings, including PEPE/USDT, WIF/USDT, ENA/USDT, and WLD/USDT.

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Meanwhile, the campaign’s launch highlights Binance’s dedication to encouraging activity and liquidity across a wide range of altcoins. Binance hopes to promote activity trading by providing lower taker costs, which could increase trading volumes and market involvement for the supported cryptocurrencies.

This action also demonstrates Binance’s proactive attitude in responding to changing market conditions and traders’ needs. Binance aims to enhance its trading ecosystem by offering a wide range of cryptocurrencies, giving users plenty of chances to investigate and profit from new digital assets.

Even though it’s still early to tell how Binance’s altcoin promotion will affect pricing, traders and investors are interested. Moreover, the upswing in prices of correlated assets often results from the favorable market attitude these exchanges generate. Additionally, such initiatives by prominent cryptocurrency exchanges can influence market trends significantly, drawing considerable attention. Therefore, watching these developments closely is crucial for understanding the broader implications on the cryptocurrency market.

How Are Cryptocurrencies Doing Right Now?

Increased market liquidity and innovation may result from Binance’s support for various altcoins, as it continues to play a significant role in defining the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Trading activity is anticipated to go up in the upcoming weeks as traders take advantage of the lower taker costs. This could result in higher price volatility and more trading possibilities for all supported cryptocurrency pairings.

Notably, Binance stated in its release that it will extend its support for several cryptocurrencies beyond those listed above. The cryptocurrency exchange said in the most recent update:

Starting from 2024-05-21 00:00 (UTC) until further notice, all users will be eligible to enjoy discounted taker fees on the following spot and margin trading pairs.:


In the wake of the revelation, Pepe Coin’s price surged 18.14% to $0.00001036, while its trading volume surged 304% to $2.62 billion. While the ENA price dropped more than 9% to $0.7384, the WIF price surged more than 3% to $3.01. In spite of today’s Binance statement, Wordlcoin’s price fell more than 10% at the same time to $5.16.

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