BabyDoge Partners Yescoin, Plans Telegram Game Launch

BabyDoge Partners Yescoin, Plans Telegram Game Launch

Recently, BabyDoge, a parody cryptocurrency with a dog theme that Dogecoin inspired, made a strategic statement about collaborating with Yescoin, a game that runs on Telegram. As revealed on X on June 22, this partnership is expected to increase both projects’ worldwide reach and catapult them to new heights in the cryptocurrency market.

Yescoin is a game on Telegram that allows users to “swipe to earn.” It is a little different from the typical “tap to earn” Telegram games (Notcoin), which have become rather popular recently. Here’s a closer look at the collaboration news that has already drawn a lot of interest from players in the cryptocurrency sector.

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The Yescoin Partnership Is Interested in Gaming

The release states that BabyDoge and Yescoin collaborate to utilise its gaming offerings.

Soon after the game’s release this year, Yescoin achieved a noteworthy milestone by boasting over 9 million participants. In keeping with this, BabyDoge has contacted the gaming sector to increase user appeal.
“This partnership is set to amplify both of our communities and take our projects to new heights,” the BabyDoge community said. Even more fascinating is how Yescoin has included a task in the game that enables users to interact with BabyDoge’s social media, encouraging more excellent communication and ecosystem growth.

Furthermore, BabyDoge disclosed that the joint project opens the door for the next Telegram game for the meme coin with a dog theme. The cryptocurrency community is anxious to learn more about this issue.

In the meantime, Yescoin looks to be working with the Open Network (TON) blockchain on an airdrop. All of these changes have helped Yescoin become the talk of the cryptocurrency community. On the other hand, BabyDoge’s price saw negative trading today.

BabyDoge Price Variations

As of this writing, BabyDoge’s price had dropped 1.31% in the previous day, closing at $0.000000001423. The token’s 24-hour high was $0.000000001459, and its 24-hour low was $0.000000001415.

Even though the meme currency started accumulating ecosystem-related events this month, monthly charts indicate a 22% decline. Earlier this month, the meme currency passed a proposal to be deployed on Solana and garnered support for a proposal to allow ownership on both Ethereum and BNB.

Weekly charts, however, indicate a 13.51% correction in price. Even with the positive improvements, this bearish trend makes the coin’s future movements unclear.

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