AVAX Price Rally Expected to Surpass Solana Surge: Santiment

AVAX Price Rally Expected to Surpass Solana Surge: Santiment

Prices for Solana (SOL) and Avalanche (AVAX) have increased by more than 7% today, indicating rising investor confidence in both cryptocurrencies. A broader market rebound has aided this upswing. Still, specific catalysts have been crucial to each increase.

In contrast to a more muted but encouraging growth in AVAX, which analysts believe may soon surpass Solana’s, there has been a noticeable spike in Solana prices connected to new ETF developments.

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Solana vs. AVAX: Market Trust Will Rule ETF Buzz

The news that VanEck, the first American company to submit an SEC filing for a Solana ETF, has been a major factor in the current price surge in Solana has sparked hope among experts and traders alike.

Furthermore, Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart’s forecast that the Solana ETF would receive approval by 2025 increased excitement. This resulted in a notable increase in investor interest and price rises. Notably, the enthusiasm over Solana’s ETF chances highlights speculation and market emotion’s influence on price movement.

However, investors are also interested in Avalanche (AVAX) for reasons other than short-term ETF speculation. AVAX was recently included in a list of cryptocurrencies that market analyst Quinten believes have a good chance of being approved as ETFs by 2025.

AVAX was emphasized for its great potential with Solana and Chainlink, which fueled optimism among investors who expect long-term returns from prospective ETF endorsements. Sentiment, a well-known on-chain analytics company, offers an alternative viewpoint on the rallies of the two cryptocurrencies.


Sentiment, meanwhile, contends that traders’ FOMO is driving Solana’s recent upsurge, which may not be sustainable in the long run. On the other hand, Avalanche’s more subdued surge, which hasn’t yet attracted the attention of the broader market, might have more space to rise gradually.

Investors may find this distinction important when deciding which asset to support as the market changes.

What Comes Next?

The events surrounding the Solana ETF have illustrated the significant influence that regulatory milestones and institutional interest may have on the price of cryptocurrencies. Solana’s price increased noticeably due to VanEck’s filing alone, demonstrating how sensitive the market is to changes in investor opinion and regulatory developments.

However, the gradual but consistent price growth of AVAX points to a distinct dynamic. Its advancement, which the cryptocurrency world as a whole has ignored chiefly, would point to a more stable growth trajectory. Sentiment points out that AVAX may benefit from the lack of initial enthusiasm surrounding it, which could enable a more natural rally that lasts longer than Solana’s FOMO-driven spike.

Furthermore, Santiment warned about market volatility that may be impacted by ongoing legal disputes, such as Coinbase’s lawsuit against the SEC and FDIC over document requirements. Potential investors must carefully monitor these aspects since they could impact both Solana and AVAX due to the larger market conditions and legal concerns.

AVAX’s price, meanwhile, increased by 8.13% over the writing period and closed at $27.96 after reaching a 24-hour high of $28.29. Meanwhile, Solana’s trading volume surged 122% to $3.15 billion, a 7.12% increase in price to $145.35. In the past day, the cryptocurrency has surpassed the $150 threshold.

Moreover, according to CoinGlass statistics, Avalanche Futures’ Open Interest increased by around 5% from yesterday, while Solana’s Open Interest increased by roughly 7% to $2 billion.

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