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Attorney Denies COPA Injunction in Satoshi Nakamoto Case

Attorney Denies COPA Injunction in Satoshi Nakamoto Case

After losing multiple court cases, Craig Steven Wright (CSW) was scheduled to appear on June 7, 2024, before a full house to discuss possible injunctions and orders. Jonathan Hough KC, speaking on behalf of the Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA), described the agenda of the hearing. The claims from Tulip Trading, Coinbase, COPA, and BTC Core were all included.

Though KC Files For CSW Injunction

Hough KC emphasized the significant expenses and individual repercussions of CSW’s conduct. He also mentioned that it took more than ten million pounds to expose Wright’s lies. He also described the terrible personal costs imposed on two well-known individuals who disagreed with Wright’s assertions: Peter McCormack and Hodlonaut.

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Hough KC of COPA brought attention to the fact that Hodlonaut was under observation, and McCormack experienced hospitalizations due to stress-related cardiac problems. Hodlonaut also had to quit his teaching position due to threats he had seen, which affected his daughter, who was six years old.

Hough KC underlined, “CCW and Ayre’s actions upended their lives.” He also mentioned the menacing messages they had received. One of these claimed that a court “just needs one troll to pass judgment… just waiting for a volunteer to bankrupt themselves trying to prove a negative.” Calvin Ayre made this suggestion.

Furthermore, COPA’s draft order suggested that CSW “shall not pursue proceedings.” This order aims to stop Wright from reiterating his allegation that he is Satoshi Nakamoto in any international court of law.

Craig Orr KC, the head of CSW’s legal team, worked to change “pursue” to “commence” so that Wright could defend himself. However, KC contended that there was a gap in this amendment. This raises the possibility that Wright will be sued by a friend to bring up the matter again.

Craig’s Legal Team Steven Wright Rejects the Order

Orr KC retaliated using Wright’s Human Rights Act Article 10, right to free expression. He said that since CSW thinks he is Satoshi, he ought to be permitted to make such a claim in accordance with Article 10. KC retorted that the court had previously proven Wright to have lied on purpose about being Satoshi.

He also clarified that the draft order would only forbid Wright from making these assertions in public forums—it wouldn’t stop him from doing so in private. The discussion also included removing Wright’s earlier assertions from public records, which was thought to be unfeasible and too onerous.

Although KC acknowledged the difficulty, he implied that it would not be as taxing as the injuries sustained by McCormack and Hodlonaut. COPA ordered Wright to publish the court’s rulings for six months on his website, Twitter, Slack, and The Times.

They also asked that Wright, Robert Jenkins, and Stefen Matthews be referred for possible criminal actions, citing substantial evidence of document fabrication and perjury. Orr KC countered that the court’s rulings had received extensive media coverage from reputable publications like the Financial Times and the New York Times.

With the statement, “COPA seeks wide-ranging orders to stop CSW from re-litigating,” he attacked the motivations of COPA. COPA’s motivations include retaliation and the desire to degrade and punish CSW. That isn’t acceptable. Wright’s lawyer further argued that COPA had not experienced any immediate harm.

“COPA is not Satoshi; COPA did not assert IP rights,” he declared. COPA’s intellectual property rights have not been infringed. The developers have not been maligned, nor has COPA. COPA requests for relief are “very wide-ranging, novel, and unprecedented,” according to Orr KC.

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