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AEVO Price Surge: Key Factors Behind Rising Prices

AEVO Price Surge: Key Factors Behind Rising Prices

The market is seeing a boom in Aevo, a decentralized Ethereum exchange, whose native token has increased by 6% in a single day. The past few days have seen significant fluctuations in the token price. What is going on with AEVO’s, then? Why is it becoming higher? Let’s talk about it in this blog post.

Analysis of AEVO Prices

After a 6.2 decline over the last 24 hours, AEVO is now trading at $2.96, with a 73% increase in trade volume to $678,482,168. Additionally, the market cap has decreased by 6.5%, reaching $325,694,061. In just one day, it broke the all-time high of $4.46 and is currently experiencing extreme volatility, with price swings of $2–4 on average.

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AEVO Price Analysis
Analysis of AEVO Prices


It can support over 5000 transactions in a second and has a total supply of one billion when it launches.

Why is the cost of the AEVO increasing?

Trade Listings

Due to AEVO’s inclusion on the largest centralized exchange, Binance, its price skyrocketed. On March 8th, Binance announced that AEVO would be joining the Binance Launchpool, and on March 13th, the listing was finalized. Because people can now trade here, the price has increased.

In addition, a number of exchanges, including Bitgert, Gate.io, Kucoin, OKX, and many more, have promptly taken notice of the asset. Being a member of the decentralized exchange list, AEVO has grown to be a significant contributor to its appeal. It functions similarly to a centralized exchange in terms of high performance and low latency, but due to security and transparency, it is decentralized, resulting in a hybrid model.

Airdrop AEVO

The AEVO’s team has successfully executed the $30 million airdrop to reward the token’s early adopters. As a result, a lot of investors have sold them quickly in order to profit soon, which has caused volatility problems.

For users or traders who are not AEVO members, the team has also set up farm boosts in place of tokens. The investor’s trading behavior on decentralized exchanges other than Aevo determined these incentives.

In summary

The Aevo price’s explosive activity in just one day has demonstrated the token’s marketability. The price has increased by up to 6% in a single day due to the AEVO’s team latest listing and awards. In the meantime, the token’s price has fluctuated, falling as low as $2.76 due to the instability. See more about Recent Collaborations Help MetaMask Dominate The Market.

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