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3 Best Dog-Themed Meme Coins to Buy Amid Dogecoin’s Surge

3 Best Dog-Themed Meme Coins to Buy Amid Dogecoin’s Surge

This weekend saw inflows into cryptocurrency assets as investors sought the best-performing canine-themed meme coins to purchase. Due to recent asset increases, the market capitalization has increased by a mere 1% in the past day. As market emotions shift and fresh funds enter the market, meme currencies have also seen significant gains. 


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As of the time of writing, meme currencies have a $65.1 billion market valuation, up 5.4% over the previous day. Notably, a larger push for meme currencies has coincided with tokens, such as Dogecoin, and has seen inflows above 5%. Memes with dog themes are up 4.9% due to an increase in the top categories. Numerous cryptocurrency specialists noted that the price has increased in the last few weeks. Positive market sentiment has bolstered new Dogecoin market predictions. These three dog-themed meme coins are good investments in light of the recent inflows. 


PolyDoge is up 101% today and is trending upward in the market. This month, the asset showed 278% inflows and 307% weekly gains. Leading canine-themed coin in the previous day, PolyDoge has generated positive buzz on social media platforms. According to CoinGecko data, the asset’s market capitalization is $30.4 million, and daily trading volumes have increased to $61 million. 

ChompCoin (CHOMP) 

Today, the asset’s price increased by 80% to $0.1575. Weekly gains of 187%, which rectify outflows noted earlier this month, are still in the green. Its market valuation has surpassed $15.2 million in the previous few days, resulting in net inflows of 26%. When money shifted to new tokens, daily volumes exceeded $1 million. 

WIF on Ethereum 

Amidst the rising numbers of meme currencies, this token is also gaining interest from the community. The item is trading for $0.00023, up 24.3% over the previous day. WIF on ETH maintained consistent flows in the middle of the week to erase weekly losses. As predictions for Dogecoin keep coming in, investors search for comparable tokens to purchase. 


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